Marion Tränkle
An ongoing reflection on performance, cybernetics and experimental play in ArtScience pedagogy.

Using a set of teaching situations where she deployed systems thinking and systems theory, Marion Tränkle's research explores the potential of collective thinking, moving and making as a teaching tool in ArtScience pedagogy. Furthermore, Marion hopes to focus a systems lens on the ways in which we, as a complex learning and teaching system at the KABK, reflect and communicate our shared efforts.


The project is postponed to 2021/22.

Marion Tränkle
tutor in the KABK/KC ArtScience interfaculty and a member of the 2020 Teaching Tools Research Group.


Marion Tränkle is an artist and designer based in Amsterdam. Her work engages systems thinking, cross-disciplinary perspectives, and experimentation. In her live performances, she negotiates between the poles of carefully constructed and improvised processes, between risk and responsibility, and between autonomous performance and human intervention.
She studied architecture at the TU Berlin, hold degrees in Contemporary Dance from the Amsterdam School of the Arts and from the Media Technology program at Leiden University, and was awarded her PhD from the School of Arts, Brunel University London in 2012. Her stage scenarios and installations have been shown internationally including Thessaloniki Biennale at the State Museum of Contemporary Art, OK Centre for Contemporary Art in Linz, Netherlands Media Art Institute Amsterdam, University of Michigan, Bavarian State Opera Munich, State Theatre Saarbrücken, and the Artefactfestival for Art and Media.

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